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NEWSBULLETIN         Vol. 01 *Issue 01 *November 2009

Green Paradise

Kazi Mostaque Ahmed 

The pink city is environment-friendly green paradise of the twenty-first century, away from the din and bustles of the capital Dhaka.

The Pink City XENOVALLEY is the name of the first duplex private home project in Bangladesh. It gives you images of two-storied houses of lawns of green grass, open environment, blooming flowers around. No one can realize fully how beautiful and planned a housing area beside Dhaka, away from the capital’s din and bustles could be, if de does not make a visit to this place. The structure of this housing project, which is financed by the Agrani Bank, is built with 70 feet open place between the two houses in the frontal side. The Pink City, which is completely following the policies of RAJUK and the principles of Bangladesh housing, is going to offer to its clients strong and secured buildings supervised by experienced architects, and local and foreign engineers. This housing project is being built up on the registered lands owned by the Pink City. It has also is certified by the environment department of Bangladesh. The Pink City is pledge-bound with social accountability and creativity.

Home is not a place where you only live. It should give you peace and contentment, it is a paradise on earth where colorful flowers bloom everyday. Wherever you go and happy feelings start dancing in your soul, while you are on your way back to this garden house from the workplace. When you ring the doorbell of you house, the ringing gives to your beloved ones the impressions of Beethoven’s great symphonies. After a hectic and tiresome workday, you are welcomed with a sweet smile and then you are refreshed. Then the heaven comes down to your garden and the garden becomes the garden of paradise. This is your home-a perfect adobe where peace is perpetual and contentment is profound.

With this vision of a heavenly dwelling place the Pink City XENOVALLY has come into being as a pilot project some few year ago. Very soon the Pink City is going to transfer houses at the first stage. The organizers of this housing project are eagerly waiting fore your valuable comments on this city. The Pink City hopes to extend its housing facilities, from East Baridhara to other new places in future. Your dreams-as well as our dreams-will come true with the Pink City.

On the day of Pohela Boishak, 1414 (the first day of Bengali calendar year), the Pink City XENOVALLY arranged a colorful program participated by notable persons from home and abroad who wished great success of this housing project.

They were given a glimpse of a small part of the Pink City on the occasion of this great day of Bengali life. The Pink City XENOVALLY authority gave heartiest New Year greetings to the guests and its clients.




The Soulful celebration of “Pohela Boishakh” Bangali New Year.
House with land and other facilities can bring peace and comfort.
Justice Latifur Rahman

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Managing Director of Pink City Housing Project, notable persons sitting on the stage and the ladies and gentlemen, Asslamuolaiukum. Bengali New Year’s greetings to everybody. I hope the New Year will bring joy and happiness in your lives. Coming to this Pink City, I saw that the houses are on sale along with the land. This idea is new in our country. I have realized that Salahuddin Kashem Khan is leading the Pink City as a beautiful city by his intelligence and intuition. These sorts of projects are there in many cities in America and many developed countries including even Malaysia. The housing project like Pink City in Bangladesh has just started. There are many problems in realizing such a plan. But I hope this duplex private home project Pink City will develop more and more slowly and gradually and the lives of those who will live here will be very joyous. I hope every facility will be available in this housing project as it is on the outskirts of Dhaka. When I heard that I had to go to Pink City housing project, Joypur of India came to my mind, Joypur is known as Pink City. I went to Joypur. A very beautiful city. I hope this suburban housing project will grow beautifully by the intelligence of our Salahuddin and your lives will be happy. Khoda Hafez.


Bangladesh government should remove certain impediments to secure more investments from Malaysia.

- Sir Dato Abdul Malek Bin Abdul Aziz, H. E. Malaysian Ambassador to Bangladesh

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Our chief guest, special guest, Mr Muhammad Salahuddin, Managing Director of Pink City, ladies and gentlemen, Asslamuolaiukum.

It is a very good evening. Before I forget I wish to extend my felicitation to you on the occasion of Bengali New Year 1414. First of all, I like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Muhammad Salahuddin for giving me the opportunity to be here, to be associated with you to launch this Pink City Xenovalley housing project. I was so impressed to know the project that you have in Bangladesh. I thought that I am somewhere in Malaysia. But building of this type of project in Bangladesh faces certain limitations. The Bangladesh government has to remove certain impediments to investment, some of the rigid laws and regulations as well as bureaucratic complexities which some of our companies faced in the past. I hope the new government; with new visions will move forward to remove all the impediments so that more investors will come here, particularly in the construction sector. As far as this project is concerned, it is similar to those in Malaysia … I came to know Mr. Muhammad Salahuddin in Malaysia couple of times when he took a number of 2000 photos of some of the housing project in Malaysia. I hope he didn’t have any trouble with Malaysian authority … I wish to congratulate Mr. Salahuddin again for taking this initiative…

Malaysia could extend assistance ot Bangladesh, because we have experience and expertise in this area. Once again I want to congratulate Mr. Salahuddin for this project. Asslamuolaiukum.

Transfer of clean property title should be taken into first priority by the developers.
Justice Sultan Ahmed Khan

It is 42 years that I have come to Dhaka. But I have become very happy seeing the Pink City. I have seen much more than others-a hundred years of history, 36 years of Bangladesh history. I have been in the village for 17 years. You all know about the socio-economic condition of this country. It would be completely wrong to call Bangladesh a failed state considering the development achieved during the last 60 years, after the partition and after the liberation.

What the Pink City is building by its initiatives is truly new. People very much like it. In the apartment tribal committee, in a single plot is allocated some 60 or 70 apartments. It will be very bad to hear, this is a condition of slums. One hopes that the objections against these apartment plans will not be raised against the Pink City. The land right of the Pink City would be transferred in a hundred percent to it clients. I am extending my New Year's greetings to everybody on the occasion of New Year celebration by the Pink City. I hope this project will contribute to solving the housing problem of the country, by finishing its work quickly. Allah Hafiz.

It is highly expected that duplex houses built in the Pink City will not turn into 20-storey building after 20 years of time.
Major General (ReId) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim,Bir Pralik

I have come here as a well-wisher of the Pink City. One year and seven months ago, I was going to Kuala Lumpur from the Zia International Airport to participate in first meeting of the World Islamic Economic Forum.

I am a novice in the business, but an old military officer. In the airport I had to stand in a queue. I noticed a small-sized man beside me. He gave me salaam (Islamic salutation). I reciprocated. He was also going to Kuala Lumpur. We were going by a car after reaching Kuala Lumpur Airport from the Zia International Airport. We chatted altogether on the way. I then told him about one of my dreams-whether it was possible to arrange beautiful housing facilities for those Bangladeshis living abroad. Then they could live in the country, buying houses and apartments. As they were habituated in living beautiful houses, it became difficult for them after returning to the country. I Ibrahim dreamt if we could built duplex home project beside which there will be a swimming pool. a community center where one could arrange marriage ceremonies etc, a hospital and a mosque that could accommodate 500 persons. Every facility for the foreigners should be there. At that time, inside the car, the small sized man beside me told me very slowly that they had begun the work of such a project. Astonished, then I told him I had read about a project called the Pink City for which I had interests. I decided to see it. I could notice in Kuala Lumpur after Fazar prayer Salahuddin used to move around the city with a taxi. He used to visit different architectural places, designs, workshops and industries and offices.

I am very hopeful about him about his Pink City. Happy New Year to everybody.

Malaysian type real estate venture hopes to be successful in Bangladesh.
Engineer Kasran Bin Yahhia

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Assalamuolaikum…

Like to express my gratitude to Mr Muhammad Salahuddin for his invitation. I did not expect to come here. I got to know Mr. Salahuddin when he came to Malaysia. I was really surprised to see Bangladesh interest to copy the way to develop our real estate venture, which proved successful. I believe if the same concept is implemented in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka, we will see great success in future also. I don’t want to talk for long because of time constraint. I extend my all-out support to make this project successful. Thanks you very much. Asslamuolaikum…


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