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With Soft- Lanching of the PINKCITY


The honorable guest at the "Phela Boishakh" celebration by "Pink City" (From left) Justice Sultan Ahmed Khan,Sir Dato Abdul Malak Bin Abdul Aziz, H.E. Malaysian High Commissioner to Bangladesh, Justice Latifur Rahman,Justice
Abdur Rouf, Major General (Retd) Syed Md.Ibrahim Bir Pratik, Mohd. Salah Uddin, Managing Director, Pink City Xenovalley

Mohd. Salah Uddin
Managing Director, Pink City

My warm greetings to all the honorable guests on the first day of Boishakh in our Pink City. We have arranged this program to give you a glimpse of a small part of this township. I thank you everybody for participating in this program. Honorable guests, I always talk about a thing-that is building of a beautiful Bangladesh, a planned Bangladesh. We are trying to make all services available in this beautiful and planned township called the Pink City.

We have been trying to materialize this Pink City project with hard labor and continuous efforts for long six years with the collaboration of Malaysia. After overcoming many hurdles, we have been able to present a small part of this project before you. Honorable guests, as you have seen today huge traffic jams, some days later you will see huge water-logging and so and so.

To overcome these problems, arranging seminars and symposiums is not of much use. If we try to build up our plans like the developed countries, then they will, certainly, help overcome our civic problems. Many housing projects are developed in our country in the past, but a large-scale housing township like the Pink City is being built in this country for the first time. We acknowledge our gratitude for the inspiration you have given us.

You all know we have a wing that is doing apartment and flat business. You will not have to suffer about privacy or limitations in the personalized feelings problem or limitations that are present there. Beside that, I hope, you will get planned streets and footpaths and sound drainage system here. We did not receive that much help from the hope that the government agencies should assist this type of project that can really change the landscape of Bangladesh.  

The guest at "Pohela Boishakh" celebration 1414

The guests are talking to each other

The guests are in photograph

An artist is rendering a song at of "Pohela Boishakh" celebration by the Pink City



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